Support underwater

We carry out maintenance and monitoring both inside and outside the port with specialized and authorized staff.We can tackle any job you can carry under water, from simple hull, propeller and the replacement of sacrificial anodes, up to the eventual recovery of the anchor offshore.
We control programs of sacrificial anodes that we propose to all our customers which consist of periodic inspections every four months; during these controls are replaced anodes corroded and a check is made generic and hull seacocks.We assist our customers whenever the propellers run into peaks and lines during navigation, assistance in case of failure.and  for swimming.
- Placing and removing buoys, beacons, dead bodies, floating docks and catenary- Placement mooring lines - Cleaning submersible pumps - Cutting and underwater welding - Core drilling pipes submerged - Cleaning facilities: buoys, buoys and beacons with spingarda high pressure - Cleaning propellers, hulls, seacocks boats - Replacing sacrificial anodes - Visual inspections and underwater video - Photographs and video underwater shooting - Recovery and disincaglio anchors - Removing the propeller drappe - Placing and removing fields for mooring buoys, launch corridors lines and waters safe for swimming - Surveys graphics with GPS positions on the surface