Nautical Services


To meet the demand of transfer on board, without having to get in Harbor, or leave your mooring, we offer you an efficient service of Taxi by sea, to transfer your guests at your station point.


- Moorings booking
- Travel Routes
- Hotel and Spa booking
- Restaurants and shows booking
- Tour reservations, fly tickets booking, etc.
- Limousines, cars, minivans, motorcycles, etc. Rental
- Hire helicopters, private jets, etc.


- Fuel supply (also SIF)
- Supply Lubricants
- Water supply with cisterns
- Assistance in dock


-Flower Arrangements
-Kiosk Service
-Shop Assistance Service
_Yact Essential

- Cleaning Service on Board
- Medical Assistance and Pharmacy Service
- Laundry Service and Tailoring
- National and International Delivery Services


We will take care of your storeroom before your arrival, by making sure that you will find everything you need to better enjoy your stay in your boat in peace and quiet.

Upon your arrival on your vessel, we will provide you the package of food you choose,and also a full cleaning and tidying service of the cushions, cockpit and cabin, upon arrival and departure, so that you can dedicate more time for you and your holiday.


You are probably aware of the fact that Sardinia has such a variety of traditional food like slow cooked wood oven rosted pork, fresh typical pasta and many other specialties of land and sea, which you can order and receive in your boat, freshly baked ready to be enjoyed.