GoldHook Marina Service recommended to the Owners to choose programs that ensure:

- Regular checks on the general state of the yacht and its mooring cables;
- Periodic monitoring of the bilges;
- A thorough washing of the blanket once a week;
- The weekly start of onboard systems;
- Charging the batteries at least once a week;
- Full cleaning of the interior at least once per season.

These programs provide an excellent level of security for the yacht and the total serenity for the Owner, with inspections on board at least twice a month.


Filmed Hull ispection           -                                          1/Year                                 2/Year

Deck Cleaning                     1/Month                               2/Month                              4/Month

Board System Starting         1/Month                               2/Month                              4/Month

Charging Batteries               1/Month                              2/Month                              4/Month             

Indoor Cleaning                   1/Year                                 2/Year                                 4/Year    

Wall Cleaning                       1/Year                                 2/Year                                 4/Year

Teack Cleaning                     -                                         1/Year                                 2/Year  

 -                                         2/Year                                 4/Year                                     
The cost of these operations vary depending on the length of the vessel